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KPB Immigration Law Firm, PC

KPB has been in business as a law firm representing primarily immigrants since 1989. We specialize in US immigration law but also do business formation and related legal work.

We currently have 10 offices in California and our staff speaks Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Polish, Russian, and French.

KPB is on retainer as counsel for the Republic of Mexico and El Salvador. We also have handled cases or provided legal advice to the Consulates of Poland, Ireland, Peru, Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador and Colombia.

The firm lawyers currently hold legal clinics on a weekly basis in the Consulates of Mexico and El Salvador. Mr. Purves has his own immigration law radio program on several Spanish-language stations. Mr. Kerosky and Mr. Purves have written a legal column for many local newspapers including:


Christopher Kerosky

Christopher Kerosky, Esq.

Christopher A. Kerosky has been a lawyer since 1984. He has extensive experience as a trial lawyer and a business advisor. He is a former Trial Attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. He received his law degree from the University of California, Berkeley (Boalt School of Law). He speaks fluent Polish and Spanish, and speaks conversationally in Russian and French. He has been recognized as one of California’s top lawyers by the “Super Lawyer” magazine for 10 years and one of the country’s top corporate lawyers for the same period.

Wilson Purves

Wilson Purves, Esq.

Wilson Purves is a graduate of the University of Buenas Aires in Argentina and is licensed to practice law in California. He has a radio program on Spanish-language radio and writes several columns on immigration subjects in Spanish-language newspapers. Wilson has experience in all aspects of immigration. He is a native speaker of Spanish.

Susanna Bogue

Susanna Bogue, Esq.

Susanna Bogue obtained a Certified Specialist status in Immigration & Nationality Law by the State Bar of California in 1992 and has been an immigration lawyer since 1988. She has written a column in the Irish Herald for many years on immigration law subjects. She has extensive experience in all aspects of immigration law. Her work involves applications for business visas (L1s, E2s, H1bs, among others), family petitions, and naturalization, among others. She is fluent in Spanish and she has many years of representing the Irish community in San Francisco. She is currently working in our sister Law Firm “K & G Law, LLP”.

Legal Services Offered: Immigration Law

We have been in business for over 30 years solving our clients’ immigration problems. We know that immigration law can be hard to understand, and the procedures can be difficult and bureaucratic. Share with us your immigration questions and concerns and we will try to help.

Marriage and Fiancee visas.

One of our specialties is bringing couples together by obtaining prompt and efficient handling of green card cases for immigrant spouses of US citizens. We have handled hundreds of these cases and never had a denial of a green card application for a valid marriage. Likewise we’ve brought many immigrant fiancées to the US to be reunited with their loved ones

Family Sponsorship

We also know how to navigate the immigration bureaucracy to reunite you with your family members such as parents or children, siblings, or other relatives. We know how to do this as expeditiously as possible so as to minimize your separation.

Green Card Through an Employer

For 30 years, we have processed PERM or Labor Certification cases to obtain permanent residence for immigrants with employer sponsors.

Professional Working Visas

Our firm also specializes in employment visas, including H Visas for Professional Workers; L-1 Visas for Intra-Company Transferees; R visas for Religious Workers; and J1 visas for Trainees and Two-Year Residency Waivers for former J1 visa holders; and all other employment visas. Investor Visas. We have years of experience getting status for investors including the EB5 program and E Visas for Traders and Investors .

Asylum and Deportation Defense

Our attorneys have been appearing in immigration court for 30 years. We have handled many hundreds of asylum and immigration court cases. We will fight to win your case and get you status here.

VAWA, U Visas and Gender Abuse Cases

We represent victims of crime and violence against women to obtain the special status afforded them by immigration law.


Deferred Action for Childhood Applicants.