H-1B Visa requirements

The list of documents needed for H-1B Visas

NOTE: Not absolutely all of these documents are necessary. But the more documents we can gather from this list, the greater the chances of success of obtaining approval of the visa. The Documents about the company are necessary in order to prove that the company exists, that the company is capable of paying the market wage, and that the company requires a professional with at least a bachelor’s degree for the position in question. The smaller the company is, the more such documents are necessary to prove these items.

Documents about Employee.

• Employee's diplomas and transcripts from all schools after high school.

• Letters certifying his work experience after high school. (The more letters the better)

• Any certificates or licenses held by employee

Documents about the company.

• Employer's last 3 tax returns.

• Employer's last Quarterly Payroll Reports (DE-3)

• Employer's last two bank statements showing substantial balance (if possible)

• Any company brochures or marketing materials (advertisements)

• Several sheets of company stationery (first and second pages).

• One document that shows the company name and EIN (it can me IRS letter assigning EIN or a first page of the company’s tax returns. This is required by EDD and LCA petition to verify the employer’s identification number).

Additional helpful documents for small companies.

• Company lease

• Big contracts the company has with clients, customers

• List of customers, clients of the company

• News articles about the firm

• Firm website

• Any other mass media about the firm, letters from customers, if any

• Awards the company received, if any

• Business license

• Fictitious business statement filed by the company, if any

• Copies of patents, trademarks issued to the company, if any

• Resumes of their owners, officers, top employees

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