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Paulo Caratori

Paulo Melo Caratori, leveraging his extensive legal background in both Brazilian and US Law, serves as an Associate Attorney at KPB Immigration Law Firm.

Paulo's legal practice is strategically focused on a spectrum of USCIS cases. This includes interview representation, consular processing, adjustment of status, and naturalization procedures, as well as adept handling of family and employment-based immigration and intricate business immigration matters. On behalf of KPB, Paulo provides legal advice through the External Legal Advisors Program (PALE) at the Mexican Consulate in San Francisco. Furthermore, Paulo demonstrates his unwavering commitment to public service through pro bono work, where he generously offers his expertise as a legal translator and interpreter for non-governmental organizations. His proficiency in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French equips him to effectively serve a diverse range of clients, ensuring seamless communication and comprehensive representation.

Paulo holds a law degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro in 2007. He later completed his legal studies at the University of California, Berkeley School of Law, where he earned an LL.M. degree with a double certificate of specialization. He is accredited by both the California Bar Association and Brazil's Bar Association. After completing his master's program, Paulo became a legal consultant at KPB in 2018, specializing in waivers, asylum cases, and business immigration. In 2019, Paulo Caratori contributed to global human rights efforts at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, demonstrating his commitment to justice on an international scale.

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